Thursday, September 20, 2007


It's very late at night here in Alaska and all of my roommates are asleep, so imagine me whispering all of this to you.

I'm coming home tomorrow, finally. I had my exit interview and my boss said I did and excellent job and that she wouldn't hesitate to hire me again. I cleaned train cars for a couple of days and now I'm ready to go home. My flight was actually scheduled for the 23rd, but I spent a bunch more money so that I could come home earlier than that. No regrets at all. I'll be on a plane all day tomorrow...this morning actually. It's time to come back to Utah for a while.

See you soon maybe, and goodnight.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Fall in Alaska, lest I forget. And a mini-tour of a McKinley Explorer train car

Hurricane Gulch in the Fall.

I thought these clouds sort of looked like giant footprints in the sky.

Getting cooler. Fog rolling in. This is the best I could capture it.
Healy Coal Mine. This means you are close to Denali National Park.
Fall colors
Fall colors, side of the train.
More Fall. The pictures don't even do it justice, really.
The switch: where the northbound train meets the southbound train. This is what we make the guests do upstairs to keep them busy during the switch. It's called the moose wave. Tour package vacations are really a lot like kindergarten classes for retired people.
A light at the end of a tunnel.

Waiting for the bus to take us to the Best Value Inn in Fairbanks.

Pretending to sleep on the train.