Sunday, October 28, 2007

Heavenly Music.

Listen to:

-The "I Want to Hold Your Hand" cover by T.V. Carpio used on the Across the Universe soundtrack. This is the most beautiful cover of this song. And it has a lesbian twist. My favorite song right now. Such a gorgeous voice.

-The "Let it Be" cover from Across the Universe. Heavenly. Dripping with soulful grace.

-"No, No Never" by Texas Lightning for a more upbeat song. You can find it if you search for them on Youtube. Usually the first search result is a video of them playing at the Eurovision 2006 song contest and its a good one. This is a German country band from Hamburg(where my little brother will bed serving his mission in 2 days)with an Australian lead singer.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Post Priesthood Session Thoughts.

I want a T-shirt that says "flaming" on on the front and "red-head" on the back.

Thomas S. Monson says I can do anything.