Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmas Eve Morning

It's been a long night and so far I haven't slept.

First I was the lead server all night, so I was at Los Hermanos until around 1 am
Next, Smurf and Evan and I had to go rescue Carrot from a bunch of lesbians in Ogden. So that was like at least 3 hours longer.
After we got Carrot back from the lesbians, we took her home and then went to the store to get stuff to make breakfast for Christmas Eve for a bunch of people at my place.
When we all got back to my place, I started cleaning up junk in my apartment and Evan and Smurf fell asleep on my couches reading some books they found on my shelf. (Fight Club and the Calvin and Hobbes Anthology respectively)
Now It's 7:15 am and I have about an hour and 45 minutes until people show up here for breakfast. I am extra tired, but in a good way. Christmas Eve is going to be a long day. I'm looking forward to it. Time to start making some pancakes.

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robb said...

Hey bro, sorry we didn't make it. We did... other stuff. But it was great to have you over the other night. We miss seeing you around. We found a list of marathons and half-marathons in the state, so we need to check it out and find a replacement for Moab.