Sunday, January 14, 2007

New Years Resolutions 2007

1. Read scriptures every day, even if I do something ridiculous and horrible and don't feel quite like I'm actually living my religion. So far this is going pretty well.
2. Get ripped with a six-pack... before my older brother. I'm hitting the gym 3 times a week and maybe I'll keep running on the days between if it doesn't inhibit growing muscles. So far this is also going pretty well.
3. Find a profession or some sort of calling for my life. I want it to follow the following criteria:
•Provide for a family or potential family. A large one with tons of kids.
•Allow me to help the downtrodden and be a direct influence for good.
•Allow me to travel at least 2 or 3 times a year, whether for business or pleasure or otherwise. Preferably with a family.
•Be ethical, productive, and in line with the gospel. None of this selling alarm systems crap or shady real estate deals or Tahitian Noni juice or Mormon pyramid schemes or tricking the poor into buying things they don't need. I'll have none of that and can't stand it anyways.
•Allow me the opportunity to grow and progress
•No more than 40 hours a week if I have a family. Otherwise more hours will be fine.
•More to come on this as I think about it.
I've been thinking about culinary school and maybe a major in business lately.
4. Date some girls. Maybe even hold hands or something drastic like that...Any takers?
5. When I turn 21, send in auditions for The Amazing Race, Road Rules, Oprah's new reality TV show, or other cool reality television. By that time I should have a six-pack AND I can work the whole token gay/mormon/redhead thing which you'd think could land me a spot on anything.
6. Read the following books, finally:
The Chronicles of Narnia (I'm part way through the Magician's Nephew right now)
Les Miserables
The Count of Monte Cristo (Smurf got this for me for Christmas the first year I knew him, and I still need to read it!)
The Other Eminent Men of Wilford Woodruff
7. Try to go on a mission again even though it seems like this is getting ridiculous? I would still love to go, but if I don't it's okay. The resolution is to just try again.

Other less important things I would like to do this year but won't kill myself over if I don't achieve:
•Learn to play guitar, piano, or violin. Also learn to read music and sing.
•Travel to a continent I've never been to before. And maybe even travel around the ones I've already been in.
•Learn French and German and either Mandarin or Japanese.
•Run another marathon or a few.

I'll stop there. If I can get all of these things done, I will be a happy pinetree.


Stephalumpagus said...

You've got quite the list. I happen to be learning German right now, and I love it! And I say go for the mission. You still have plenty of time. If you need a piano teacher, I'd love to help. And as far as dates with girls? Haha. If you're desperate enough that you'd want to hang out with me, then go ahead and ask the Native for my number. Good luck!

Thrasius said...

I like your blog. Thanks for the list of New Year's resolutions. I found it rather inspiring and I think I will amend my own. Thanks for all your thoughts and for writing this blog.

Thrasius said...

thanks for visiting my blog. stay in touch, and good luck with everything.

agirlwho said...

Well, I can't say that I've never held hands with a gay man before. I'm all yours. Hahaha... but really, I enjoy your blog. I have many good friends that have recently told me about their struggle with SSA and I'm learning so much about it. It's made me realize so many important things. So, I wish you the best in this new year!

dances alone said...

You are amazing. You really are. I hope you know that. I love your goals; they're similar to mine in some ways. I especially love the job your looking for. I'm trying to figure out what I can do too, to make money but also to make a difference in the world. One of my favorite quotes is "Your mission in life is where your deep joy and the world's deep hunger meet"~Richard Bolles. I really hope you do some of the things you want to this year. Play the guitar; its a great outlet. And you should know that you're dead sexy and tons of girls want to hold your hand. Bring it!

Kengo Biddles said...

I can't help with many of your goals, but if you need help with German or French, I'm your man, and I think I know someone who knows Mandarin (or Cantonese)...