Monday, May 12, 2008


I have this friend Steve who lives in Montreal, Canada. I've talked to him online since I was 14. Sometimes he calls me, mostly when he's drunk. I tell this kid everything. All my worst secrets. Sometimes its really good to have a foreign friend that you don't have to interact with day to day. Especially on your downer days because you don't want to bring any of your day to day friends down with you. And he cares enough to listen but is detached enough to not get depressed. Someday I will fly to Canada and meet this kid.

Also, I've been wanting to go out and get drunk lately. Or at least tonight. (yes, that's right, the slippery slope to eternal damnation. go on and judge me.) I've never tried drinking, but in my mind I want to be in a happy carefree pub somewhere drowning my sorrows. Maybe some dancing. Eating peanuts. I want to wake up shitfaced with fuzzy memories of what happened the night before.

I have never wanted to drink until recently. It's probably not a good idea. I think red hair means you will be a bad drunk and a nearly certain alcoholic.


[kɹeɪ̯g̊] said...

Alcohol abuse isn't a funny thing, but I also don't think that getting drunk once in a while is necessarily evil.

I do know that most of the reasons besides the "it's a commandment/god said so" reason) Mormons give to justify why alcohol consumption is bad are false. You probably won't turn into an alcoholic after one drink, and unless you get really drunk, it probably won't impair your judgement. Also, it can taste good and be fun.

Make your own choices.

Peculiar 'Mormon' said...

If you're in Seattle and want to get drunk, my kitchen is a pretty cheap bar. Free drinks. Ha!