Friday, February 26, 2010

Can't sleep.

Josh left. He's in China now. Makes me a little sad. Why can't I just be happy about it? Don't know.

And just feeling more and more tied down to here and this place and this job and these dollars. AGAIN.

Almost all ready to join the army, but having second thoughts. Took the ASVAB and DLAB and got very good scores. They'll pay me to learn whatever language I want - not just Arabic - which is nice. Strangely I'm sort of excited about boot camp. Sounds like a fun challenge. But apprehensive about being tied down to the establishment for the rest of the 4 to 6 years... No extensive traveling...No study spur of the moment do whatever I feel, move where I want to be kind of things. I know it sounds like not much to some people, but for me thats everything. I especially want to be free to be where Josh is when he's done with China. Or hell, maybe even move to China. I've seen plenty of the States, and after just one email from Josh which I've read about 4 times over, China is sounding pretty good.

An education and structure and a paycheck are important, I know. But I just can't bring myself to care about them.

Jonny and Lisa came to see me at work today. That was nice. I love the Peay's. I wish I had time to tutor Jonny still instead of wait tables. That kid makes me really happy.

Maybe its time to put some miles on my car? Gotta sleep on it.

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