Saturday, May 21, 2005

Cinema et moi.

Several movies I've seen lately:

1. Star Wars Episode III - Awesome. That's all I have to say about this movie. That...and I'm going to be Yoda when I grow up. His humble, all-knowing demeanor that can turn into some very purposeful kick-ass action in a split Yoda is the character I think of when I'm trying to conjour up some wisdom and patience that is not my own. This movie was definitely the best movie of the latest three, if not all of them. The others were mostly pretty scenery and cool special effects. Episode III had all of that, but also a much more focused plot and loads of revealed mysteries.

2. Kinsey - Very insightful movie about sex, err...a guy who studied sex. I trust that most people who read this blog will be familiar with Kinsey. If you don't know who he is, get a hold of me. We need to talk.
The first part of the movie sort of deals with how sex is this natural urge that needs to be satisfied, and then the second part deals more with the hurt and anguish that comes from infidelity and a lack of self-restraint. This all builds up to an ending where everything is reconciled very nicely. I have to say I think I completely agree with this movie's very fair and balanced take on sexuality. There was a bit of naughtiness in it, but the more risque scenes were purposefully and artfully done, so if you're okay with that, check it out. An excellent movie

3. Memento - A movie about a man with no short term memory who is bent on vengeance. Disturbing, but brilliant! One of those movies that makes it hard to sleep that night, in the same kind of way as Requiem for a Dream if you've ever seen that. Except less intense than Requiem. I think I would like to know the person who made this film. He has to be some kind of twisted, psychotic genius.

4. Hotel Rwanda - The true story of a hotel manager in Rwanda during the genocide there in the early 90's. Thought provoking and moving. This movie strengthened my resolve to join the Peace Corps. If you watch this movie, you will walk away feeling like you should change the world somehow, even if only for a few moments.

I think we all need to watch more movies.

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