Monday, May 09, 2005

Up until 6 AM again, a great time to be awake.

Last night Smurf and I had the longest conversation. It was one of the most fascinating conversations I have had in a very long time. We broke out the dry-erase markers and scribbled all over the giant white-board in my kitchen. We stayed up until 6 AM talking about triangles, colors, people, the gospel, etc. I now have a full triangles reference on my kitchen white-board, with examples of every color type from movies, cartoons, and people we know. I mildly understand all of this color stuff now.
I can rarely connect to my friends in the way that I can connect with Smurf. We tend to understand each other. We are different, but very much the same. Our conversation last night was especially great after spending an entire day with my family. I love my family dearly, but for the most part I can't be open with them, and so there is a large gap in their understanding of me.
As a kid I sometimes wished I had a machine that could transfer my thoughts directly from my brain to the brain of another person, so that my ideas wouldn't get all muddled up in my words. Smurf and I have one of those machines between us. Through triangles, we have determined that when we are together or in a group, he is the Hobbes to my Calvin. It's very true. Life would be very boring and much harder to sort out without him.


Christmas Smurf said...

Aw, I totally agree, amigo. Rarely do I find someone who really just "gets" me. Thanks for being there for me. Our friendship is a rare one indeed.

Christmas Smurf said...
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B'Link Andumizem said...

I remember moments and conversations that we have had and it's true. You area great friend and have been there for me when it really mattered. Thanks for giving me a second .. and quite possibly a third chance at being a good friend in return.

Given said...

It really is great having someone with whome you can connect. I love when that happens; I've met a few people like that, and it's really wonderful when I do. I'm glad you have that in your life. Did you guys decide a color for me?