Sunday, August 14, 2005


Recent fortune cookies:

"You will enjoy a trip to Asia"

"A friend's advice is invaluable"

"Lavish spending may be disastrous. Be careful" (Don't I know it)

In other news:

I purchased a pair of CTR boxers a while back. I think them a fitting place for an extra special "Choose the Right" reminder :)

I officially filed for FAFSA.

I'm moving out of my place tomorrow. This is very liberating for me. Its going to be a whole new semester in a couple of weeks. I have mixed feelings. More on the new frontiers later...

I sure do miss California, and won't be able to make it out there until ...who knows when. Every time I have a break people want me to work and I can't afford not to.

Apparently you can no longer register for the St. George Marathon...arrrgh...

Friday night was a TON of fun despite the fact that technically it shouldn't have happened.

Where in the heck is Smurf??? He was supposed to be back saturday...I hope he wasn't eaten by a toaster or anything...

Thats all for now. Something more in-depth later.


el veneno said...

Wow, you eat a lot of fortune cookies.
There are lots more cool races besides St. George. Try for the Moab Half Marathon in Marchish. I'm sure there's something else sooner.

pinetree said...

Yeah, I kinda went all out one day and bought a pack of them at Panda Express. Mmm...fortune cookies

Given said...

Hmmm, I was thinking you'll be one of the few folks around when I get back from my mission; assuming of course you do not take any spring summer courses. Anyway, since you will be pretty much my one and only friend remaining in Provo, we will most certainly visit CA, for I love it there. Furthermore, I am going to need someone to hike the Appalachain trail with me on summer. Hopefully we'll still be in touch, cause I think it'd be a blast.

Toasteroven said...

He gets back the 22nd, due to his bro's wedding. He's just staying down there.

I have yet to tell the full story--he called me the other day. Interesting times, I tell ya. That kid has not had a good summer, and not just 'cuz of cell phone troubles.

That is all.