Monday, October 10, 2005

As an Addendum

I almost forgot some important things to add to my last post:

- On Saturday, when I got dropped off by Tom (the girl's dad), we almost ran into Rachel because Tom's truck stalled out. Rachel was on her scooter in the rain, and she smiled and waved and I think that was probably the hottest thing I've seen in while.

- Some females in my ward are setting me up on a date for Homecoming on Friday. The date is from Tennessee and apparently she is a model. (Probably a hand model or something, but whatever that's cool) We are also going to do true blue football. I need to buy a corsage I think.

- This morning I went to Book of Mormon class all tired expecting the welcoming, calm demeanor of Sister Burgon. Instead there was this big Australian lady there barking out names in her oh-so-cool accent. All we had to do was sign the role and pick up our graded test and a study sheet and leave. Awesome.

- We are learning such awesome dances in folkdance. Everyone needs to come watch the Homecoming parade on Saturday morning. I will be getting my groove on in it, Gypsy and Indian (dot not feather) style.


robb said...

Buy a corsage for true blue football...?

Oh wait, now I get it.

Enjoy Homecoming in all it's glory.

el veneno said...

A hand model with a southern accent who doesn't mind rolling around with you in blue foam sounds pretty hot to me. Just don't forget to remember who you are...

morningglow said...

Thanks, kid. I enjoy your writing as well. You're at BYU, right? Come visit me sometime, I'll make us both dinner.

Toasteroven said...

Pinetree, you have sister Burgon? I do too. She's awesome, methinks.

el veneno said...

I just noticed the "indian (dot not feather)" line... witty. I think that is something else I will take from you and make mine.