Monday, October 10, 2005

Throwing my blog a bone.

I thought I would post a couple of things here just to keep my blog alive and kicking.

Yesterday I helped this girl move up in Salt Lake. Her mom works in the bookstore with my sister. She isn't a member and has this really ecclectic group of friends: a Catholic priest, a Muslim store owner, Two gay guys, a church security guard, a graphic artist soon to be in the Peace Corps, and several cats that I was allergic too. It almost felt like I was in California again. Mormons were in fact the minority in the group. I had to try not to laugh or smile when her mom coached me on the way up about how her daughter had some friends who were "homosexuals."

We moved all of her stuff, and got most of it done before it started raining. Then we went inside and ate pizza. I had Hawaiian, like with the pineapple and ham and all. It was probably the tastiest thing I've eaten all week. After the pizza we kept moving all of her stuff into the new apartment. We had to move a couch in through the porch because it wouldn't fit through the door.

When we got done the girl's dad drove me home. We got stuck in traffic and so he ended up trying to make conversation with me. It was nice to just sit and look out the window. There were all sorts of cool clouds in the sky grazing the mountains. He asked me my age and then if I was going on a mission, and I answered him truthfully. I'm getting better at doing that. I told him I might join the army or do something else instead for a while. "You’ve got some real burdens, dont you?" he asked. That sort of caught me off guard. I shrugged and didn't know what to say, so I looked out the window again. He told me I was a fine young man and that felt really good. He advised me not to join the army until I get a degree, told me about himself as a young man, and really just talked to me like I was his son. When we got back to my apartment, he grabbed my shoulder paid me $65, which I tried to give back to him, but he wouldn't take it. He smiled at me and I told him he had probably paid for my groceries for a couple months.

After he left I came home and talked to some people online and then went to the grocery store and to DI. I got a couple of shirts and one Book of Mormon in Spanish and one in French. I think it will be cool to try to read the B.O.M. in Spanish. I'm not taking any classes anymore, so it will be good for me.

Later that night I went to Oktoberfest. I hung out with my roommate for a while, ate pretzels and hot dogs with rootbeer, and then did the polka with some girls I didn't know. I love the polka. Later Smurf showed up and then Blueshorts. Smurf and I jumped into a giant German chocolate cake with a million other guys frantically searching for an engagement ring hidden inside. I got all pumped and mostly liked the moshpit sort of feel to it all. Smurf was actually searching strategically for the ring and ended up finding it. $1500 worth of engagement ring! Pretty Sweet. He's one step closer to getting married.

After the party we went to Wiggle's. The whole night was fun, but also very weird. My life is such a soap opera right now, and I sort of hate it and sort of don't know what to do about it.

Today I went to church in the morning. I was asleep or staring into space for most of it. At testimony meetin there was this girl who gave her "testimony" and sounded more like she was talking to a counselor. She would laugh and cry and tell her story all in the same breath; it was weird. She made the meeting go overtime and I'm pretty sure everyone felt really embarrased, like how you feel embarrased for people who do stupid things and don't know it. I also felt sort of bad for her. I could tell she had been having a hard time.

I went home and slept for a long time after which we had Break the Fast at my apartment. After that I went to my family's place and did my laundry and had a really pleasant evening with them. My little brother is such a cool kid. I gave him a cd I made for him. My nieces are so much fun. My mom and my little sister were doing each other's hair and I thought that was really cute. My dad talked about geneaology and asked me about my computer school and other things I'm never really very concerned about, but I tried to be into all of it for his sake. He gave me some more vegetables. If anyone wants any zuchini, tomatoes, or peppers, talk to me. My brother is going to be married very soon, as I predicted. His girlfriend is really fun and I think will add some spunk to the family.

That is all for now. I'm going to go to bed and dream about silly things, and then try to wake up in a couple of hours to go work out.



el veneno said...

Well you didn't make working out this morning. That's ok, you need all the beauty sleep you can get :-). Hopefully you're still in bed dreaming about silly things.
Sounds like I need to hang out with you more as you seem to attract the $$- $65 for you and $1500 for Smurf... that's good stuff.
Enjoy another mid-semester week.

el veneno said...

Suddenly the econ post disappeared. I'm sure there's some logical explanation.
Basically I'm figuring out that I've got to check this blog pretty frequently so I don't miss anything really exciting.
Yeah... this is about as exciting as my life gets.