Sunday, November 27, 2005

Things to do:

1. Appeal stupid $50 booting fee for Jared’s car
2. Get insurance for my car
3. Get inspection for my car
4. Register car at DMV
5. Get Christmas break schedule from work, plan getaway to sunny (or possibly just a little rainy but a heck of a lot better than Utah weather although the snow was nice this morning but I hate the cold) California.
6. Do BoM homework once and for all.
7. Write paper for poli sci and pray to pass class
8. Just plain start praying and reading scriptures again
9. Finish Mere Christianity
10. Start Chronicles of Narnia and finish before the movie comes out
11. Quit eating wheat/gluten again (I hate this one!)
12. Go running at least every other day so I can look cool at half-marathon
13. Get a six-pack
14. Write blog post about what happened over Thanksgiving break and jump on that whole "I'm thankful for..." list bandwagon so I don't look like an ingrate. I swear I'm not an ingrate...
15. Figure out what to do next semester. (Options: Try to continue at BYU somehow, Defer for a semester and get a job that pays better, Start attending UVSC, Join U.S. Army: the online videos make it look pretty fun!, Run off with my pal the Smurf and sneak into the backdoor of Harvard University, Run off to anywhere and proceed to get a job, establish residency, and enroll in the local community college, Take my chances at trying to become a celebrity/actor/model in hollywood..., Become a pimp. Find a pimp.)
16. Do a good turn daily.

"It matters not what you are thought to be, but what you are." Publilius Syrus


gilmore guy said...

Nothing says the holiday season better than a To Do list. Good luck with that.

I didn't know that "no BYU" was a possibility for next semester. Really? That would be too bad. After all, who will pick me up when I pass out in the weight room? It's not fair to make El Buddy-o do it all by himself.

el veneno said...

Yeah, please don't leave me to pick that guy up by myself. And imagine if he's the only one there to catch the medicene balls, that means he'd ralph all over me as I'm trying to do crunches and that seems unpleasant. Plus, you can't leave cause you've got to run that half marathon... you're stuck.
I can't wait to see your car.
I do know a good pimp though if you decide to go that route.

el veneno said...

I watched a movie for one of my classes called Twelve O'clock High (its about WWII Fighter Pilots, not drugs) and the guy they kept calling on the radio back at the base had the code name "Pinetree." I was like, "hey I know someone named Pinetree..."