Thursday, February 16, 2006

Some nights I look back at what I've done during the day and wonder if it was the same person as me doing all of it. Tonight is one of those nights. I wish I knew better about what to do; like, if X happens, do Y. I need some sort of manual for all of this.

Sometimes we want to be friends to other people. Other times we want to be saviors or helpers or lovers or teachers or whatever. We can want long term or or we can want short term. I think I'm slowly learning to be content in whatever role I can be beneficial in, if any. Usually I'm not allowed to pick what I'd like.

Songs to get:
Cake - End of the Movie
Shakira - How do you do

Most people will probably only like one of these two songs, but I like both. They are my favorites for the week.


Latino-dude-in-Utah said...

Yeah, u've been my HERO a lot of times! ur a great person and I'm so glad that I get to have u around!! I still think that ur one of the coolest "weird-good-looking" kids I know:)

Tu amigo el latino

el veneno said...

From the 30 second samples and the lyrics online I like both songs.

You always have good music recommendations.