Monday, January 23, 2006

My life is very magical, as I am acquainted with many fairies.

Today (Sunday) was very refreshing.

I went to all of church. The speakers were awful, but I had time to reflect on things, like life and how I will prepare very well for a talk in church if I ever get that opporunity again. I also enjoy singing hymns.

After church I went home and listened to some Enya and ate brownies. Then I took a nap in my very comfortable bed in my clean room.

This is exactly what I wrote immediately after waking up from my nap this afternoon. Some parts don't make much sense because I was still in a dream daze, but that's one of the magical things about good dreams I think. They don't really make a lot of sense but you feel very nice afterward.

I had the most wonderful dream that I died. I'm not sure how exactly, but it was close to BYU. I went to this underworld thing but it wasnt hell, t was a good place, like a hideout. There were lots of dead people, some good and some bad and there were mormons. Some of us were jedis. I was a Jedi but with a small light saber, green. It was so wonderful to be dead! I wanted to go out and meet lots of people who had died, family and relatives and such. I went up to the main world hoping to find some other dead people to show me around. i saw some people but wasn't sure ifthey were dead or not. It was a family, and they were walking towards the Marriot Center like it was Devotional. They were dressed in church clothes. I called out and then the Mom and Dad stopped and turned around. Then so did the kids. I caught up with them an the mom started talking to me and being really nice and welcoming and explaining things. We kept walking and I said I would like to meet some of my relatives. She looked delighted and was about to explain to me how I could go about doing that and then my phone rang and I woke up. It was my mom and she wanted me to come to dinner. Woke up in a wonderful dreamy mood.

After my dream my parents and Grandma came to pick me up for dinner at their place. I brought all the brownies I had left and shared them with family.

I love my grandma. She is so thrifty and clever and wise. She cares about people very much with that old, experienced, kind, genuine sort of care. She's got so much class but is a very humble, God-fearing, intelligent woman. No one is below her. She sympathizes and comforts with anyone who is in need. She understands even if she doesn't know. I'm glad to be related to her.

I'm eating some of her juneberry pie. Who makes juneberry pie?!? Only my grandma. She's awesome.

I think this is all I had to say. Life is being very agreeable right now. Goodnight.


blueshorts said...

Life is a wonderful thing, isn't it? I love it. I'm glad that it goes on forever. I hope that when I die I get a lavendar light saber; it would surely go very well with most of my wardrobe.

el veneno said...

Awesome pinetree!
Your life does sound magical and your grandma sounds like a fairy godmother but I don't think that is the kind of fairy you were talking about.
I was just about to put dibs on some of those brownies but I guess I've missed my chance.
Hey, I'm happy to hear that the Marriott Center will be in heaven though. To me it wouldn't be heaven without it.

Christmas Smurf said...

I just know mostly a bunch of trolls.

morningglow said...

juneberry pie...lovely..

Muse said...

i've never dreamt I was dead, oddly enough. How nice to know that it's not scary.