Sunday, March 12, 2006


  • 60 Minutes Story

    Peculiar Mormon said...

    See...I didn't agree with the program. In my case, it completely makes sense, nurture is DEFINATELY more a factor than Nature.....then again, I have 2 sisters who are lesbians, but supposedly, if there's any heredity involved, it's on the male side.

    I'm kind of beyond causes, though...I'm already gay...changing myself isn't going to be happening, really...just trying to cope.

    Bjørn Kraakesen said...

    I just wish more parents had the viewpoint of those twin boys: "I could have changed Adam on the outside to where he would have showed me the macho boy that I would want as a boy. But that would not change who he is inside. And I think that would have damaged him a lot more." How great is that?