Saturday, April 09, 2005

One of my personal favorites.

One of my personal favorites.


The Blag Meister said...


Calvin And Hobbes are the Bomb!!!

That so totally sums up finals for me... Just the motivation I needed to stop playing around with blogs and get to work on a take home test.

Pintree, You honestly Rock.

VenerableRyo said...

Calvin and Hobbes was the single best comic strip ever written. I nearly broke into tears when they told me that Bill Waterson was retiring. Calvin will live forever in my head though... and he gave me some great ideas for building snowmen in my parents front yard.

Vero Awesome said...

I freaking love that cartoon. First of all, I do believe that Calvin and Hobbes is the only worthwhile form of social commentary. Secondly, if you have ever considered becoming a writer as myself, you should whole heartedly agree that stress is the best motivator. By the way, have I mentioned that you freaking rock?