Sunday, September 18, 2005

Angela Merkel is my homegirl.

Angela Merkel

Elections get me very excited. I imagine they do for me what Monday Night Football does for most other guys, with American presidential elections being a sort of superbowl.

Above is a picture of Angela Merkel, poster-girl for the Christian Democratic Party in Germany, and quite possibly the next (and first female) Chancellor. I was going to write all about her politics here, but I understand that politics make people bored and/or cranky most of the time (despite the fact that they fascinate me and I would love to explain everything about them to you all on my blog.)

Suffice it to say that people like this make me want to run for office. If you want to be updated on the current political situation in Germany, just ask me, or click on the link I made.


el veneno said...

And a hot homegirl at that!

pinetree said...

Baby got back.

blueshorts said...

Pinetree, you rock. Other than myself, you are one of only two people that (based on my conversations) even know who Angela Merkel is. One great thing about German elections is that despite a vote, we still don't know who will be Chancellor. It's a shame that there are so many Germans that still want to be stuck in a bloated, socialist economy. Hopefully Merkel can pull it through, and make some reforms.
Long live Angela! Down with the Schroeder!

Given said...

Well, I don't want to click on some link about politics, it just makes me cranky. I will though ask you, because I find opinions of people fascinating, so, what is the situation with Germany right now?

JB said...

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JB said...

Weird, huh?

el veneno said...

dude, the favorites post you had on for like 5 minutes was sweet. Where'd it go? Either you really are a stalker and just wrote everything you knew I liked or you just have impeccable taste... I'm pretty sure you're a stalker cause no one but me has that good of taste.

Christmas Smurf said...

Yeah, I saw an avocado and some guy earlier, but now they are gone. And I think Jessica Bidet is lying about not being an advertizer.

pinetree said...

I thought it would be appropriate to add here that Angela Merkel will be the next German Chancellor. Sweet. Except it may prove difficult for her to pass all the reforms she wanted because she has to share the government with the Social Democrats. In case any of you wanted to know.