Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Adventures on the west coast

We arrived in Keri's place in Washington late at night, but not too late because Pinetree was speeding the whole way. We were greeted by Keri's mum. "Mums" are pretty much like "Moms" except they are English so they do nice things like make tea (of the non-caffeinated variety) and dinner and have beds ready for you with chocolates on your pillow. Keri's mum was incredibly kind to us the while in Washington and she was a lot of fun to listen and talk to.
The next day we woke up and went to the pier and the woods. We ate at Barbie's Cafe (excellent reuben sandwiches and clam chowder) where we had a spectacular view of the Puget Sound.

On the deck near Barbie's Cafe

Blueshorts and Keri get cozy in the woods

Then we checked out antique stores and the Norwegian town of Poulsbo.

Jumping up and down on the deck of the ferry headed to Seattle. We were pretty excited

Smurf feigns illness

Riding ferries is loads of fun!

Keri, utterly disgusted that Pinetree gave her a fake smooch on the ferry ride. Pinetree utterly unashamed.

Blueshorts and Keri on Keri's ipod

The whole gang, about to dock in Seattle

"What's coming out of that man's tummy?" asks Blueshorts, pointing to Seattle's first Starbucks.

Happy New Year!

JD's place on Bainbridge Island. Huge, beautiful backyard. Behind is the beach

JD, at his place, Sunday

Pinetree and a map of The Family Tree Apartments, where he used to live.

Pinetree's former dwelling, before his parents moved to boring old Utah to buy a house three times its size.

How Pinetree used to get to school in the morning, despite barbed wire and monkey grease.

Commuting to San Francisco

Look at how butch we are.

Match #250

Consider the lilies

Stintson Beach

Stintson Beach

So I've actually been in Utah for the last two years, believe it or not.

Frolicking comes naturally to Blueshorts. :)

That Golden Gate.

One of the most beautiful things you've ever seen.

Visiting Mecca.

Kicking it on the rainbow steps.

The Palace of the Fine Arts, San Francisco

Blueshorts and Pinetree insisted on seeing the capital building of every state. Except Nevada; like anyone wanted to see the capital of Nevada anyways....okay, so maybe we did...but it was pretty far out of the way.)

Behold, the mighty power of Boise, Idaho.

Washington Capital at Olympia, a very pretty building. Green all around, just like Washington

The Oregon capital building at Salem. "The Provo Temple of state capitals"


el veneno said...

Beautiful pics.. although I don't know if that sunrise is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen... you've obviously never seen me with my shirt off. Gross. sorry

So you sped on the highway? In that car? I think they should make a movie about that car. Sounds miraculous.

I'm still waiting to see movies

blueshorts said...

A very nice synopsis of the trip. Now I don't have to bother. Thanks Pinetree.
p.s. What were those things coming out of that man's chest?