Saturday, January 21, 2006

A few things.

Cool song I heard last night in some chick's car: James Blunt - Goodbye My Lover

Whenever I'm walking alone on campus, I have this funny habit of aligning my steps with people walking around me. I have to move my right leg with their right leg and my left leg with their left.

Rachel is the most beautiful girl I know in Utah, (Veronica is gone now, so no contest) just FYI. Holy crap. I think I'm attracted to that female. So Rachel if you're reading this, you wanna go out sometime? If no, Smurf would like to ask you the same question.

I have a ginormous box of brownies on my kitchen table. I'm trying to think of something cool to do with them. Better think fast too, cuz otherwise they are gone in like 3 more days.

Things are generally wonderful. School is managable, my room is clean, life gets more organized every day. I'm going to church, talking openly with my bishop, even reading scriptures again. Relief. I'll try to not blow it this time.

Dancing is hip. New favorite song to dance to: La Vida Es by Nek. Good ol' El Veneno introduced me to that one. Gonna run a half marathon with him and his buddies in March. That's gonna be sweet. Better do some more running before that.



Wiggle said...

I have that song on my iPod. I like it.

el veneno said...

Oh no, you made me fall in love with James Blunt again.

"Things are generally wonderful." Yeah, I'm feeling that too.

Keep on dancing.