Saturday, February 24, 2007

Update 2

Yesterday was really great. We got a meeting with Jan Scharman, Vice President at BYU over Student Life. She couldn't have been cooler. She was really glad that we were there and willing to try to make a difference. She said she read our email over and over when she got it, and that she and the BYU administration were very concerned about the welfare of gay students at BYU but were just unsure of what exactly they should do. I've said to a couple of people already, she was very reasonable, sincere, honest and compassionate. She's also just an interesting person and is really easy to talk to. I feel a lot better about BYU as an institution knowing that someone like her is in the administration. She's going to talk to a few other people in the administration like the Academic VP and BYU's spokeswoman about the possibility of doing a fireside at BYU as well as a few other things (articles in the newspaper, meetings with faculty, discussion groups, etc) and then call us back to set up another meeting. Wow. I'm surprised we got this far.

Thanks to all of you mohos who came to VP Scharman's office yesterday. You all made awesome comments. I would really feel very inadequate and ridiculous doing this by myself just because I'm such a screwed up kid when it comes to this SGA business and BYU as a spiritual and academic institution has no reason to take me seriously as some crappy student suspended for grades who hasn't even served a mission. You guys make all the difference in the world and I'm glad you all think this is a good thing too because if you didn't, I'm not sure I'd be able to put any effort into it. I feel like we're doing something good, and I hope we really are. Even if nothing comes of this, I'm glad we at least tried to make something better. Also, thanks to all of you who have offered support, whether I have gotten back to your emails or not. We need all of it we can get, especially if something actually does end up happening. I read all of your emails and really appreciate them.

And now for a couple things unrelated to SGA stuff:
Carrot had another ghetto food-filled dance party last night and holy crap...Carrot throws my favorite parties with the funnest kids. She and her roommies are so awesome. Yesterday before our meeting she also sent us an inspirational Richard Simmons text message that I got to show to everyone. AND I have all these hilarious Carrot quotes running through my head right now AND she has promised to send me an engagement photo she made of herself and Ludacris so I can put it on our fridge next to all the other ones. Ha!

I'm going to an 80's prom theme dance tonight for our stake. I went to the Catholic Thrift Store after work today and got a light blue suit for 8 bucks. I'm actually not super thrilled about this, just because its going to be so awkward. In fact, maybe I won't go...but I should because I'm on the activities commitee. I wish Carrot could be in charge of our stake dances...

Vegas in a few weeks with at least El Veneno and maybe Sarah an other friends. Super excited. I need to sign up for the race.

Also, due to the unexpected size of my tax return, I'm sorely tempted to just quit Los Hermanos with Smurf and Rascal and just travel the country until I head to Alaska...But I should probably do something responsible with the money like save it or pay off a student loan early. Boo. Work is killing me lately. Maybe I'll be able to hang on at this place a few more months...

That's all for now. I'm taking a nap. Catch ya later.

P.S. Some good songs of late:
Runaway Love - Ludacris (Such a sad song, but also has a good beat AND it speaks to me. We've all felt like running away sometimes, yeah?)
Show Me What You Got - Jay-Z (fun dance song from Carrot's party)
Out of the Woods - Nickel Creek
For You - Barenaked Ladies
For You - Duncan Sheik
Lento and Limon y Sal by Julieta Venegas
Sirena - Sin Bandera
LDN and Smile by Lily Allen (Her lyrics are really biting and sarcastic and horrible even though her songs are super upbeat. It's kinda crazy, but I like it when I'm in the right mood)
Ruby Tuesday - Franco Battiato (I like this version of the classic Beatles song)


Le Mec said...

Hey I'm so glad that meeting went well. Let me know how I can help because I'd really like to. Oh and thanks for your comment on my post. Take it easy!

John said...

Yeah... amen to the amazingness of Jan Scharman. That meeting was great. I felt so accepted and empowered. I'm really excited to meet up again and to see BYU become a better place before I leave it. Thanks for being such an activist (in a non-honor code breaking way :) !!!

In other news... you are going to have to tell me how to get to the super-cool stuff at Moab that nobody knows about, because I have never been there before and I have a whole summer to explore before I ship myself off to law school.

John said...

ps... thanks for posting the music. I am always looking for something new. Right now I'm listening to a bunch of Sigur Ros (after seeing the video on the native's page)

Anonymous said...

Hey, it was cool meeting you tonight. I am so happy about everything that you are doing. Please let me know if I can do anything to help. You are awesome! See you later...

Thrasius said...

Wow! You are such an amazing person. Thanks so much for doing something that will impact many people who come after you, and it brings me comfort to know that not everyone will have to go through what we have without support. I really think you are doing a very honorable thing. God bless you.