Tuesday, February 20, 2007


A few things to write about for the sake of writing:

1.We finalized a proposal letter and I sent it to President Samuelson. Stay tuned. I don't know what will come of all this. Maybe something good, maybe something bad, maybe nothing at all.

2. I went to P.F. Chang's for lunch with my family yesterday because my brother was in town. Candied walnut shrimp served with melon balls is what its all about. I love food. Also my niece was cracking jokes with me that she had heard on Lambchops, except they were seriously hilarious and had me busting out laughing! It was sort of like I was kickin' it with someone really hilarious my age, except she's six. Her once weird baby sense of humor is really developing; she's such an awesome kid. My whole family is great. I really needed that little boost from them yesterday. I was starting to get discouraged about things and now I'm a bit better.

3. I've been doing laundry today and I washed my iPod, which was in the pocket of a fleece pullover thing I have. For a minute or two, there was this constant stream of profanity emanating from the apartment laundry room. Good thing the only kid there was a convert of only a year or two(?). I apologized when I realized he was there and he was cool with it and even gave me a hug to console me. The positive side of this (always remember to find the positive side of things, Pinetree...) is that now I'm going to get myself a new iPod and iPod shopping is pretty fun.

4. I decided on a job offer in Alaska. I'm going to go with grayline and work on the train. Should be a good adventure.

4. I got a valentine for this girl, Kate, and was debating whether or not to send it to her and what to put on it if I did (don't want to sound to serious, or too weird, or like I'm trying to be funny, or a million other things). So I was about to not send it, but then I remembered Bonnie Parkins' recent fireside where she said to never supress a generous thought. (By the way, Bonnie Parkins' had made my select list of female leaders in the church who I don't think are full of fluff. Remember the "I love exclamation points" lady? Ay carumba....) I really liked and wholeheartedly agree with that piece of advice/commandment, so I sent the Valentine with my hometeacher over to Kate's apartment. The rub is I was still a chicken about it and I sent it anonymously. *sigh* Who does that after 3rd grade? Honestly, probably only some wussy fag like me. I talked to Kate after Munch and Mingle as well. Actually, I was nervous and so the conversation was pretty stupid or we just let other people who were around talk. Maybe I'm just not cut out for this heterosexual thing and I'll just have to stick with my feeble attempts at celibacy.

5. Good Memories:
6. Catch ya all later.


Brady said...

Hey I just found out about your proposal tonight. I think that's awesome that you're doing something more positive with regards to the issue. I also feel rather misrepresented by Soulforce. I'd be willing to help out with things if you need. I don't think I'm ready to speak in front of a huge group, but I'd stand in front of the administration and/or a smaller group. I might be able to help out in other ways behind the scenes as well. Let me know if you need anything. stubyu@gmail.com

Distinguishing Preoccupation said...

Yes, I remember the exclamation point lady! I remember thinking "Are you kidding me?" Funny for sure.


Stephalumpagus said...

Glad to hear you got the proposal in! Again, if you need anything, I'm totally up for it. And if you don't need anything, at least post what happens with the proposal. If you end up with a forum or anything I want to go!

-L- said...

I'm kinda curious to know exactly what your proposal ended up being. I guess I'll keep reading and see how it all turned out with Pres. S.