Thursday, June 21, 2007

A little more of Alaska.

The following are on a hike I took last night up to Little O'Malley mountain, in the Chugach mountains very near Anchorage.

The sky is huge here, and mostly the sun just goes around it, not over it, except for about 4 hours every day.

Sunset over Anchorage. That means 11:30 to 12:00 midnight. The buildings in the distance are downtown.

Salmon Fishermen over the river near the railyard.

That's my street about a block from my apartment. And that's a giant moose walking down the road. Only in Alaska...

This is the chic little restaurant near the Westmark. We get our meals half off here because we work for Holland America. :)

This is Smurf eating at the chic restaurant. I hope his mother sees this post...



Mustard said...

Pinetree, Thank you for sharing the picture of my smurfling enjoying the fine life! If nothing else I taught him how to "appreciate" good food. Hope you guys are having fun and making lots of money in Alaska!

Robb said...

Hey, sorry to be such a distance friend - the huge distance is no excuse. I just finished up a spring term of 11 credits, so it was a little hectic. Now I'm back to work, so things should settle down.

We have really enjoyed your photos and updates from Up North. Kimberly thinks that the moose one is classic.

Awesome that you are running again; I've been a slacker so far this year: only a couple longer runs. Regarding St George, turns out we already missed the lottery (I didn't know that it was coming up already, even though I was interested in doing it too). Maybe there's another one we can do in the fall, perhaps in AZ where we could stay with El V. Keep in touch bro, and thanks for the comments!

Dice said...

Beautiful!!! I found you, I miss you!

iwonder said...

Wow, I've always wanted to go to Alaska. That's so beautiful. And I love ribs! It's just perfect!