Tuesday, June 19, 2007


After staying up watching speeches and debates that covered almost all of the presidential candidates, both Republican and Democrat, I've decided that this man is my current presidential favorite. I may see about campaigning for him.

Ron Paul on the Daily Show

Ron Paul at the GOP Presidential Debates


el veneno said...

What? You're not voting for Romney? You might as well just piss on temple square... just kidding.
Actually, I was just talking with a friend tonight and said I really hadn't picked a candidate. As much as I want to support Romney, he seems too stiff and cautious. I've been waiting to hear a candidate who makes me sit back afterwards and think "wow, that's smart. Why didn't I think of that?" This was the first time I've really listened to Ron Paul and he actually did that to me. I like the back to basics conservatism and his plans for cleaning up big government.

Hope you're enjoying the great white north.

Vero Awesome said...

Where HAVE you been???

eleka nahmen said...

You know, it really does delight me that you still go by "Pinetree." Yours was my absolute favourite 'nym to create. :)