Sunday, March 07, 2010

Heading to California tomorrow with my sisters, Lois and Lynn (I'm trying to get used to calling her Lynn because thats what all her friends call her, but to me I think she will always be Lyndee) I'm so happy about this trip. Can't wait to be by the ocean and in California again. We're going to see Wicked while we're there and I'm excited about that. I think Lyndee is going to be one of those girls who gets obsessed with this show, she'll love it so much. And Lois, my wise and always cool older sister, will appreciate it I'm sure.

After Wicked, my plan is to go work for Rand Paul's senate campaign in Kentucky. I may be picking up a few fellow campaign volunteers on my way across the country. Hopefully thats the case, as it would be a good opportunity to meet some cool new people as well as split the difference on gas money.

Speaking of gas, I don't think I've ever mentioned my sweet new car. Its a Blue Chevy Cavalier that runs on both compressed natural gas and conventional gasoline. That means driving is extra cheap around Utah (93 cents per gallon) and in many other places. Robbie and I recently went all the way across Wyoming and down to Colorado on about a buck per gallon.

I love this new car. It was a big decision for me, as I had to finance it through a loan, and I hate being tied down to obligations like that, financial or otherwise. But I guess some obligations are necessary and helpful in life. In this case, I feel so much freer with a car, even if I have to make a monthly payment. No more being tied down to bus schedules (it was taking me about an hour each way to get to and from work - a little over 3 miles away...which was fine to longboard or even walk to until it started snowing..) Now my schedule is freed up and I have the means to leave the state, or even the country if I wish out of my own volition. What a nice feeling.

The car has about 21,000 miles on it now. It started with 16,000 in December. I also had a new sound system and speakers installed inside as the first radio head unit was very limited in function and quality, and my back speakers (the factory installed set) were torn and made a horrible noise. The day I had all that installed, and every day after since, I've felt like there are no other material things I really want in life. I mean, I can always think of things that would be nice, but I also think I could be happy the rest of my life with a roof over my head, a bed, access to learning...and my 2003 Chevy Cavalier with a working radio and ipod hookup. What a feeling to be driving and listening to music.

After the Rand Paul campaign, I conjecture that the future will branch out into three optional paths. Even then, I think two of the paths will curve around and eventually meet the first. The first path is the military. The second path leads to more politics and campaigning as an actual paid job until the end of the 2010 campaign season in November, and the third takes a detour to South America or some other place for a while until I feel like my life is so void of structure that I simply have to get into the military or I find something else to do or die trying.

I love life today. Love my family, love how perf

Have you ever seen Doogie Howser? Josh got me started watching it recently. I love this show. Its so wholesome and has such great messages and characters. And it reminds me of the fun, cool, fascinating, embarrassing, and innocent parts of being in middle and high school. I'm on episode 12 of 97 so far and I intend to watch all of them.

Also, watch Undercover Boss. The 7-Eleven episode with Igor. I love that guy.

A shout out to Jessica. Glad you came to visit Robbie and I and glad you watched year of the dog and then ate a bunch of meat at taco bell with us afterwards in a show of solidarity against obsessed animal lovers. And glad we got to go to the Bombay House too, because that place is so damn good. As is The Chocolate. Man, that was so much amazing food. And glad you are just you, striving to do whats right with a good heart.

As a final note, this last weekend I dressed up (with help from the Hale Center Theater costume department) as the Mad Hatter and went to the premiere of Alice in Wonderland with just a few of the best people I know. My costume was incredible, I played up the character, put on an accent, did the lazy/queer Jonny Depp walk, and won the costume contest. And my friends sure do know how to make me feel like a big deal. Thanks, friends.


Matt said...

You'll all love Wicked. It's intense.

Let me know if you spend any time around Sacramento.

Wyatt said...


Enjoy and continue loving life.