Thursday, March 08, 2007

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I just got cinnamon rolls from Shirley's Bakery in Provo. Shirley has God's recipe for cinnamon rolls. I love food way too much to achieve a six-pack. I'll keep trying though.

I watched God's Army 2 States of Grace last night and I loved it. Its really well done for a Richard Dutcher film, and true to life in so many ways. I loved how all the really wonderful things happened at the same time or close to the same time as all the really horrible things. I could identify with that. And I liked how God wasn't ever presented in any way really. Everyone believed in Him, but there was no reason to believe He was there except for faith. It was very...realistic I guess. I also liked how any faith and belief in God was portrayed in a good light, not just the Mormons. And finally, the cinematography and setup of shots was impressive and it had gangsters. Favorite LDS-made movie so far. Touching, really.

The date with Kate:
It was...okay. We went to Mimi's Cafe and then Barnes and Noble after. I had my game-face on through Mimi's cafe and was asking lots of questions and we were talking and doing really well. Half way through Barnes and Noble I sort of ran out of things to talk about and I thought it started to get really boring. We were still talking about books we liked and all kinds of things, but I was just...I dunno...unstimulated? I sort of headed towards the door, but she didn't, so we stayed there until it closed looking at a big book of modern architecture. We got back in the car and there wasn't a lot of talking then. Just my iPod playing. When I parked by her apartment, I expected her to get out, but she didnt. So we talked a little more. Then I walked her to her door. I thought it must have been the most boring date she had ever been on in her life, and I told my roommate that. I guess he must have told his girlfriend, who told Kate. Kate later texted me and said she had a great time and wasn't bored at all. Cool...?....
In retrospect I imagine that had I been on a date with some guy doing all of the same things I did with Kate, I would have been having a great time because there would have been this innate interest and curiosity that would have kept me going through the night...but there wasn't. It was just very unbalanced and strange for me.
One thing that bothered me on the date was that I was afraid to be irreverent. I didn't want to say anything about religion or politics or race or sex or anything like that because I was afraid of offending her. I need a girl who knows how to be irreverent. She has a sense of humor, but its very dry an satirical. I love that, but I also like people who can just be "lol" funny once in a while. I mean, not extremely so because thats just annoying, but just a little. Blah.
We could probably go out again. I haven't talked to her a lot since, so maybe she thinks I have written her off or something. I don't know what to do about this. I'll probably just leave the whole situation alone until I head to Alaska. She is going to George Washington University for graduate school next year anyways. I don't know how all of you married mohos pull it off, seriously. Even with cool girls.

I'm going to drive to Alaska. The drive will be ridiculously long, but my buddy from work and I are going to make a roadtrip of it stopping to see things in Oregon and Washington and Canada. I am excited.

I have three races coming up this month, and I'm not ready for a one of them. I think I will just coast through them and not worry about it too much. I ran like three miles and was dead tired the other day. DEAD tired. What happened to my marathon running superpowers that I had just this last October? Gone.

I need to sell this computer. I think maybe I'll go for a computer-free summer in Alaska. I'm sure I can stop in at an internet cafe or something like that once in a while when I need to. It will be good for me though. really good for me. I need to write Greg on his mission.

I really want to grow out my hair right now, but also it looks ridiculous unless I put a bunch of crap in it or sleep on it a few times...and then it looks kinda crazy and cool, but I dunno if its worth it... I want some long Sawyer from Lost kinda hair, or I dunno...just long. To cut or not to cut? I might end up going to a barber sooner than I anticipated.

Catch ya later


Elbow said...

I'm going to say this again: I really, really like your blog. I've often thought of your style as a little "catcher in the rye." Any thoughts on that?

Good going on the date. Dating is hard, no matter what your sexuality is, remember that.

agirlwho said...

Hey, when you drive through Oregon, come see me! My mom loves Mohos. Hehehe... Also, don't worry about having a blah date. Try it again if you'd like and do something a little more active. That might make it more interesting. I mean, you both like being active, right? Go bash each other's heads at racquetball or something. Not that I enjoy those kinds of dates. I don't know what I'm getting at. Well, you are awesome.

Vero Awesome said...

Okay, three things:

First of all, we should really get married because I freaking LOVE it when people are irreverant and I go crazy when I'm around people for too long who don't find that funny.

Also, I might need some advice for what NOT to do on a date, because I'm going out tomorrow with this cute guy I barely know...a) be my whole self? or b) be my most appealing and neutral/acceptable self?

And thirdly, hehehe Mohos??? I've never heard that before, and I love it! It sounds like a really fattening and sugary snack food, like the kind that is made in Mexico.

Fourthly: I LUB YOU.