Thursday, March 29, 2007


Date: 03/29/07 04:48 pm
Subject: Jan Scharman Follow Up

Vice President Scharman asked me to contact you and thank you for waiting patiently through the events of the past few weeks. As promised, she has spent some time on the advocacy statement and wanted to know if you are interested in getting together again to review these ideas, as well as go over the questions and answers you have been putting together. Please call me if you are, and we’ll work out a time for you all to meet.


Georgia Rasmussen

A-333 ASB


I got this email today from Georgia Rasmussen, Jan Scharman's secretary/personal assistant, the same person I had to talk to for setting up an appointment with Jan. I'm really glad they got back to us. I was actually just about to write VP Scharman to ask what all she had decided/found out. This email doesn't say anything about many of the other ideas we had that she said she would get back to us on, but I assume we'll just be able to ask her about those when we meet again. The administration is much more accessable than some might have you believe.


Straight+Narrow said...

Just a heads up, you can sometimes get busted for posting a letter from someone (especially a company or university) without permission of the sender. All they'll do is ask you to take it down, but it might create a bad-faith environment between you and the administration.

iwonder said...

I don't know if it were possible, but I would be very interested in coming along. I've contacted her before about these issues, and every other time, I have received a polite, if distant

"Thank you for expressing your opinion. BYU supports the Church in saying that we make no judgments about thought and feelings, but
rather we focus on behaviors that are consistent with Gospel principles. We have shared that message in a number of settings at the university."

So, basically, "Good bye, and stop bothering us!"

So I was rather surprised to find out that you had been able to meet with her. Like I said, can I come too?!

Elbow said...

That's great. Just stay positive and recognize that you're doing what the gospel and the Church teaches which is to be an advocate for truth. You're brave and you're wonderful. Good luck to you.

drex said...

I've already talked with Hidden about going to that with you guys. I hope that's okay. I'm stoked that they're still looking very supportive and helpful in getting things going. Despite the small faith I have in administration, I will admit being worried that they'd just sweep it all under the rug.

John said...

WOOT WOOT! I am so excited!!! Let me know when you hear back so I can clear my schedule. Who needs class/work anyways! This is way more important. Thanks for organizing this.

Mormon Enigma said...

I'm sorry if I missed it. But, I feel like I just walked into the middle of a movie and don't know what is going on.

What ideas did you put forward?